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​​1 - Our Ideology.
At plansapi, the core idea is to empower people with Analytics and API as a Service which solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

2 - Our Vision.

We believe in the simple, for simplicity is harder than complex. We redefine complex to simple and our key is pure innovation.

3 - Our Philosophy.

We love building lasting relationships with developers rather than merely increasing the number of transactions. We will deliver our quality best service to all, be it an Fortune 5000 Corp or a Garage Start-up.

Our expertise in the field of Automation of both Hardware and Software at one place. We Always try to use Open Source Language and tool for making effeient price for client.


>Providing unparalleled customer support.

>Developing long relationships with our clients.

>Using the Best Development technologies available.

>Using the Latest software development methodologies.

>Being abreast of every new technology arena.

Recharge plan API
Prepaid plan
121 offers plan
Operator check API
DTH plan
Gplay gc check API
Bill payment fetch API
Postpaid bill
Electricity bill
Water bill
Gas bill
Credit card bill
Health insurance
Loan EMI
Municipal tax


Bill fetch & 121 offers plan *121#
>Our APIS provides regular mobile offers, plans, and 121 special offers

All india operators plan
>Our APIS provides Bill information and offers of all India operators

99.99% Uptime
>Our APIS is reliable, super-fast, and powerful with 99% uptime

Customized purchase
>Customize the APIS as per your requirements to create a custom package and purchase